Advantages of advertising on Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the two main channels of what is known as PPC advertising. Although the two platforms often position themselves as competitors, many companies are taking advantage of the strengths of advertising on Facebook Ads and Google Ads, to achieve maximum visibility, increase their potential customers and the sales of their businesses, adopting different marketing strategies that include both advertising platforms in order to achieve profitable results, and have a positive ROI. The ideal would be to be able to invest in both, but it is true that Facebook Ads offers a series of advantages that we cannot find in Google Ads. That is why in this post, we will focus on talking about the main advantages of Facebook Ads and how to use them as part of our digital marketing strategy.

Advantages of using Facebook Ads in your business

The main advantage of Facebook Ads is that it works very well to boost the brand recognition of companies. Although having a well-defined strategy, it can work in any phase of the business buying process.

Recognition or Conversion

If in our case we want to increase the brand recognition and reach of our company in order to make it known and bring it closer to thousands of new potential customers, Facebook Ads is the appropriate medium. On the other hand, if what we need to boost is our online store and sell more products online, we will also achieve higher conversions through Facebook Ads and its catalog sales campaigns or conversions. Finally, if what our company offers is a service, Facebook ads are the most effective in generating brand awareness.

Target a specific audience

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads offer targeting options for their advertisers. However, again Facebook Ads is the clear winner of the advanced targeting options. Facebook allows us to create audiences based on a large list of interests and behaviors, thanks to a large amount of information it collects from its more than 2.6 billion monthly active users. Does your business sell specific products for parents with children between 5 and 7 years old who live in Madrid? This precise level of targeting can only be achieved with Facebook Ads. Google Ads doesn't give us the option to dig that deep, so if our target audience is very specific customers, the advertising channel we should use is Facebook. Facebook also offers another very useful functionality called Lookalike Audiences, which allows us to advertise our business to people who are similar to our current audience. Facebook uses your existing data to match our current customers with similar users, which can be a very powerful option for all of their advertisers. For more information on this type of audience, don't miss our post: Create the right audience for your Facebook campaigns: Similar and personalized audiences.

Have more attractive ad formats

If what we are looking for is to have colorful and attractive advertising ads, again Facebook Ads is the advertising platform that we should use. With your options and types of ads, we can create greater brand awareness and improve engagement with our customers. To learn how to create good ads on Facebook Ads, do not miss our article: How to create ads on Facebook effectively in 2020.

What cost and ROI or Return on Investment will we get in Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

The cost of what we must invest is another important consideration that we must take into account in our Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. For example, the average cost per click on Google ads is constantly changing. Typically, medium-sized companies that use Google ads spend between 9,000 and 10,000 euros per month on their search campaigns. This implies a very high budget, which in most cases cannot be met by local businesses, freelancers, or SMEs that also need to advertise their businesses online. To make Ads ads cheap, we must take into account 4 factors:

  • The "quality score" or quality of our ads.
  • CTR or click-through rate that we receive on our ad.
  • The relevance of the ads is based on their language and keywords.
  • The quality of the landing page that we have. Which will determine if our ad is being useful to the target audience.

All these are the factors that can make our advertising campaign expensive, or that we do not achieve the expected conversions and therefore, our ROI ends up being bad, whereas with Facebook Ads the cost and the consequent ROI of our campaigns, will depend solely on two factors:

  • The segmentation that we use.
  • The design of our advertisements.

As we saw previously, the segmentation options that we find in Facebook Ads are the most complete on the market, which makes all its advertisers focus their advertising investment, only on reaching the target audience that really interests them. This undoubtedly improves the ROI of the campaigns and lowers advertising costs. Regarding the design, we can say that Facebook Ads offers the option to carry out tests and A / B tests. With these tests, we can use 2 or 3 images and texts for each advertisement and see which one works better. These A / B tests will allow us to identify the ad and text that works best and gives us better results at a lower cost, reducing our advertising cost and improving the ROI of our campaign.

Segment by device

Advertising on Facebook is very mobile-oriented. If we take into account that more and more people register on this social platform, and use its mobile application on a daily basis to discover new brands, interact with friends, showcase their newly acquired products, etc., we will see how important it is as advertisers Facebook Ads. Especially if we want to focus our advertising campaigns only on these devices. With Facebook Ads, we can easily segment our campaigns and ad groups so that they are shown only through mobile devices, focusing all our advertising budget on these and thus maximizing our investment in advertising.

Facebook Ads allows us to advertise on Instagram Ads

Advertising with Facebook Ads, we can have the option of focusing all our advertising effort and budget only on Facebook or also on Instagram Ads, the second most used social network of the moment after Facebook, or distribute it between Facebook and Instagram. Through the Facebook ad manager, we can choose Instagram as the only platform, and focus all our efforts on attracting more customers and increasing our sales through this social network. This is very useful, if, for example, we have a clothing store since being the most visual social network of the moment, it is perfect for attracting new customers through the power of the image.

Retargeting in Facebook Ads works better than in Google Ads

Retargeting on Facebook is one of the most powerful techniques that advertisers can use to increase the sales of our business, and it works much better on Facebook when it comes to attracting and converting those who have already visited our website into end customers. but they abandoned it or left our shopping cart, without finishing any conversion on it.

How retargeting works on Facebook:

  1. A person visits our website.
  2. A Facebook cookie records the visit.
  3. Facebook reads the information stored in the cookie.
  4. Facebook adds that person to the type of audience we create.
  5. The social network shows ads to that created audience.

The Facebook dashboard is more intuitive than the Google Ads dashboard

Facebook has the options of quick creation or guided creation, with which we can follow the entire process of creating our campaigns step by step.

Conclusion. Where is better to advertise on Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

As we briefly discussed at the beginning of this article, we can say that Facebook Ads and Google Ads are complementary and essential tools for practically any type of business. Using one platform or another will depend on a series of factors such as the public, sector, or budget that we have. Summing up…

Advantages of using Facebook Ads:

  • We can start advertising campaigns with a budget starting at € 5 a day.
  • We can create very specific audiences and target users who are interested in our product.
  • Ultra-segmentation is a plus that Facebook has, and that we will not find in Google Ads. (We can segment by sex, age, location, language, behavior, interest, marital status, connections, etc.).
  • Retargeting on Facebook works better than on Google Ads
  • We can choose different locations, content, ads with different formats, etc.
  • Advertising on Facebook Ads works best on mobile devices.
  • Your ads are viral. They can be easily shared between friends and family.
  • Users can interact with the ad.
  • Customization of creatives: We can create different versions of ads (photos, texts, carousel, video, etc.) to capture the user's attention and differentiate ourselves from the competition. That makes brand awareness campaigns much more effective with Facebook Ads.

Advantages of using Google Ads:

  • We can advertise our ads on the Google search network, Display network, Gmail, Youtube, etc.
  • If we do it right, we can get in the top positions of Google.
  • Segmentation by keywords: if our choice of keywords is correct, the traffic will be more qualified.

In the end, the idea is to use both, allowing our business to have a place in the two most important advertising channels of the moment. If in your case you need help to create your advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, do not hesitate to contact Adtuo. Our advertising platform for social networks will allow you to have optimized campaigns and getting results from day one. If you don't want to waste more time and start selling more, don't hesitate, we are your advertising solution!

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