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Facebook Ads Retargeting: What it is, how to do it, and types of retargeting to increase sales.

What is retargeting?

In digital marketing, retargeting consists of creating personalized ads focused on an audience that has already visited a specific website. This is one of the practices most used today by companies to find new potential clients, increase engagement and improve their sales and results. Thanks to retargeting, you have the possibility to create an ad and direct it to people who have entered your eCommerce and who, for example, have not completed their purchase process. These types of ads remind them that you are still there and that they can finalize their purchase.

Advantages of retargeting on Facebook

Retargeting campaigns on Facebook have many benefits:

Precise segmentation

Nothing makes a business waste more money than targeting your campaigns to an audience that is not interested in what you sell. The average conversion rate that eCommerce in Spain usually has is between 1% and 2%. This means that out of every 100 people who visit our website, at least 98 leave without buying. These people who have already visited your website, saw your products, and, in some cases, added them to the cart of our online store, are potential customers who, by knowing your business, are more likely to end up buying. Thanks to retargeting you can impact them with your ads and they may end up completing their purchase process.

Higher profitability

Various studies have shown that before customers decide to buy something in our online store, multiple interactions with a new or unknown brand are required, sometimes up to seven, before finalizing the purchase. With Facebook retargeting, the amount of time and cost generated by potential customers before buying is reduced since it only impacts those users who already know us and have shown a previous interest in our brand.

Create ads geared to customer needs

With retargeting campaigns on Facebook, we can create ads focused on those people who, for example, have added an item to the shopping cart of our online store, but have not finished making the purchase. We can create targeted ads for these people, with discounts or special offers to finish "hooking" them.

What do you need before doing retargeting campaigns on Facebook?

Have a business page on Facebook

In order to carry out this type of campaign, you must have a company page or fan page on Facebook. If you don't know how to create it, don't worry, in this article, we will tell you how to create and optimize your page in a few simple steps: Go from a personal profile to a Facebook fan page.

Facebook pixel

Another fundamental thing is to have the Facebook pixel installed on our website. Thanks to this pixel, we will be able to:

  • Track the actions carried out by users who come to our website through Facebook ads.
  • Measure conversions and sales achieved.
  • Optimize our campaigns at all times, analyzing what does not work for us.
  • Run retargeting campaigns on Facebook.
  • Create similar audiences and audiences with which to get more potential customers.
  • Get to know our target audience better.

Create a custom audience

To carry out this type of campaign, we must create a personalized audience on Facebook to which our ads can be directed. For it:

  • We enter the Facebook ad manager, within our Business Manager.
  • We click on the "Public" option.
  • Then we will click on "Create audiences" - "Custom Audiences".

  • Then we choose the "Website" option and choose the rules that we want to activate our retargeting campaign.

For example, if we want to impact those users who have visited our prices page during the last month, we will have to follow the following rule as shown in the image:

  • Finally, we will assign a name to our audience and that's it.

Types of retargeting on Facebook Ads to increase your sales

Next, we will talk about 5 types of retargeting that you can do with Facebook Ads to improve the sales of your business.

Video retargeting

Facebook has 2.4 billion active users per month and generates an average of 8 billion daily visits to content in video format. On Facebook, 76% of users discover videos through its Latest News section. Knowing the great trend of this format in this social network, joining our efforts to make a quality video that promotes the products or services of our company will be very profitable for us. What we will do is make Facebook retargeting to people who have seen our video. For example, we can target our campaigns to those users who have seen at least the first 3 seconds of it. To do that:

  • We entered the Facebook ad manager again.
  • We click on the option "Create audiences" - "Custom audiences"
  • We choose the option, within “Use Facebook origins”, of “Video”.
  • Finally, we click on the first option as shown in the image.

As I point out we will say that for our video to attract, it must:

  • Have good quality and be direct. Videos that exceed five minutes have a lower participation rate. Those that are more viralized have a duration of more than 30 seconds and less than 3 minutes.
  • Get attention in the first 3 seconds of it.
  • Include Call to Action or attractive calls to action.
  • Include descriptions that hook.

Retargeting for those who have abandoned the shopping cart

If you have eCommerce, surely you have come across abandoned carts many times. Retargeting can become your great ally to be able to reach these users who left the cart halfway and offer them some incentive so that they finally decide to complete their purchase. For example, you can remind them that you have a half cart and give them a discount to encourage them to close the purchase.

Retargeting for those who interact with our Facebook page

If you have a large and active community of users on your Facebook page who follow you, comment on your publications, and give "likes" but have not just bought, this type of retargeting ad is ideal for you. With retargeting ads based on interaction with a Facebook page, you can reach a wide variety of people who are already familiar with your brand. With these announcements, you can go to:

  • Any user who has visited your Facebook page.
  • People who have interacted with some of your Facebook posts or ads.
  • People who clicked on a call-to-action button on your page, such as “contact us” or “call us”.
  • People who posted a message to your Facebook page.
  • People who saved any of the posts on your page.

To make this type of announcement, we just have to choose the option "Facebook Page" within "Facebook Origins".

Retargeting for those people who have already bought from us

The traditional sales funnel can make us believe that the sales process ends when a person has bought in our online store. This is a mistake, when we get someone to buy from us, what we have to do is include them in a new "sales process" so that they buy from us again. As these users already know you, surely this tactic will be much more effective than another campaign directed at someone who does not know who you are. Create a retargeting campaign with:

  • Educational content to show you what you can do with the product.
  • Offer them discounts on related or complementary products.
  • Create a new recruitment funnel, to try to sell higher-priced products or services.

Dynamic retargeting

Dynamic retargeting is the most profitable option for any eCommerce. It allows the creation of multiple dynamic ads, starting from a wide product catalog. These ads will appear in the Latest News section of users who have already visited your website. One tip to make these ads work better can be to launch special offers like "X% discount on…." We will use them if:

  • We have an eCommerce company whose main objective is the sale of products or services.
  • We have a large inventory to offer, that is if our product catalog is extensive and varied.
  • If our target audience is wide and varied, each presenting different intentions regarding our website.

To make this type of announcement, we must have the Facebook pixel installed on our website and we must have, or if we do not have it, we must already create a product catalog.


As you have seen, doing Facebook Ads Retargeting involves a series of complexities but it has many advantages. But the first thing you have to do to start is deciding which of all the options that we have told you is the most suitable for your business. Go ahead and create your first retargeting campaign on Facebook and get a higher conversion rate and a better ROI in your advertising campaigns. We leave you here our: Mini guide on retargeting in Facebook Ads, where you will learn and have at hand everything you need to know to create your first Facebook Ads Retargeting campaign. And if you want more information about Facebook ads, don't miss our Guide on how to advertise on Facebook Ads for SMEs and freelancers, in which you will learn the keys to having successful advertising campaigns, getting more clients for your business, and selling more.