How to Comment within advertising campaigns

When you manage advertising campaigns on a daily basis, it doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer working for yourself in your startup, e-commerce, or mobile app or for clients, or if you are part of a team in an SMB or corporation. First, you do the research on the product/service, its unique features, and benefits, the pricing, the objective, its buyer persona, to convert it into audience segmentation, and advertising creatives to create the campaign. But once the campaign goes live you have to analyze each part of it to understand its performance to know what is working well o not and how to change the need to achieve the desired results. This work after the creation of the advertising campaign usually entails more daily efforts and requires a lot of external tools to carry it out.

For working on advertising campaigns properly we also require: Communication tools like email, Slack (or Microsoft Teams, etc) to talk about campaigns. Task management tools like Asana, ClickUp plan and set tasks and track them. Documentation tools such as Notion, Slice, or Slab. Spreadsheet software such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to track or summarize key information and add comments. And file sharing like Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar to manage the creatives involved, etc.

All this external information is increasing more and more over time, and it is a really necessary complement to the campaign that does not have a single place to be. Instead, it’s spread in a lot of different places with a lot of user permission management included. This generates confusion among the team, loss of key information in silos, and on a day-to-day basis generates poor productivity and usually turns into a bad performance. Not for lack of knowledge of the team or their competence in the area, precisely, but because of the used stack, the tools used aren’t the most appropriate for the final objective: Grow fast.

Instead of this chaotic approach, you can leverage a single tool that really fits your needs, because is able to put the conversation and the process around advertising inside, at the core.

From Adtuo we want to introduce... Comment within advertising

comment within advertising campaigns

Comment within advertising campaigns

Instead of adding a new Notion note to document and explain to your boss, manager, client or just remind yourself why you need to create the campaign, you can comment within the ad campaign when you are creating it with this vital information. 

In this way, you get context and can understand without additional clicks what are you talking about. You see the relevant information whenever you need it in the place you need to read or remember it. You don’t have to email an external link to colleagues with a note, which then gets lost in an endless email chain.

Comment within advertising audiences or ad set

Instead of sending emails talking about issues and changes in the current public/audience or ad set/ad group, you can (directly) comment within ad audiences explaining what to do and mention with @username to your colleague, so they are notified by email, in-app or Slack notification of your comment, depending on their own preferred settings. And they can jump into the conversation to discuss with you the appropriate element. 

In this way, you contextualize and can understand without unnecessary clicks or tools what you are talking about, go fast, and have more peace of mind.

Keep in mind also that this conversation can be asynchronous if you write now and the other person is not connected at this moment, or it can be synchronous such as Slack and respond in that precise moment, if both of you are working on the same audience in the same time, saving a lot of time.

Comment within ads

Instead of having countless physical or online meetings, to discuss color changes, keywords, copy tone, audience match, element position, rejected ads, with your team, or with the designer or clients, exchanging emails with heavy attachments, with large folders of typical file-sharing tools.

Better you can do all this in one tool, comment on ads directly, keeping the conversation inside. All stakeholders will thank you for it.

Comment within the graphs of advertising campaigns

Instead of creating an additional spreadsheet to track your advertising campaigns, exporting CSV files and importing there, creating inside specific graphs to adding notes or comments in the attached cell, that is never enough and is a poor solution, which then, in any case, is difficult to find, to refer to and maintain over time. Directly affecting your capacity to get results.

You’ll prefer to comment on ad campaign charts right there, choosing a limited period of days in the date selector, and clicking on a particular day to start a conversation to explain a graph peak or recall a change.


To summarize just to say that working in advertising is a mix of analytical and creative skills, but above all, it is conversational work that needs interaction and collaboration at the core of the tool to give their best and receive the same. Therefore, we invite you to use the Adtuo collaborative advertising platform to collaborate within advertising campaigns for FREE and with no time limit. We are sure that once you try it won’t regret it.