Instagram Ads

How to sell more on Instagram Ads. Strategies that work.

Those days when Instagram was a simple application to share photos with friends have gone down in history. Today Instagram has become a very powerful tool to connect and retain customers. If you are looking to get more potential customers, refer traffic to your website, or start selling your products, Instagram is your platform. But ... do you know how to sell on Instagram? Maybe if you have never used this social network before, for commercial purposes, it seems a bit overwhelming in the first contact and you do not know very well how to proceed so that your actions lead to a considerable increase in your sales. You can implement Instagram in your marketing plan so that this social network becomes your main commercial channel.

Why is it a good option to sell on Instagram?

Instagram has not stopped evolving since it was created 9 years ago. There is also no doubt that the way its users use it has evolved along with the social propane. In February 2019, Facebook conducted a survey of thousands of users to determine how they interacted with the content that was published on Instagram. The survey showed the following:

  • 83% of those surveyed said that Instagram helps them discover new products or services.
  • 81% of those surveyed said they used Instagram to research new products or services.
  • 80% of those surveyed indicated that they used it to decide whether or not to buy a product or service.

Most of the users of this platform not only hope to discover and learn about products and services through this platform but also make the decision to buy, depending on the content they see on it. From this same survey, we also highlight the following conclusions:

All this information helps us to understand how Instagram users act once they have seen our products or services through this platform. Once we understand their behavior, we can carry out strategies that really work, to reach millions of people and improve our sales numbers.

Definitive strategy to know how to sell on Instagram

Next, we go on to comment on the points that you should keep in mind to have more visibility and better sales on Instagram:

Optimize your Instagram profile

The bio of your Instagram profile is the only place where your link will be clickable and you will be able to send traffic to your web page. Always include the link of your online store, landing page, or specific landing page, of the products you want to promote. Also, include in the bio the name of your business and a concise description of what you offer. You can include the hashtags that you consider most important in your bio. Do not forget that this information can be changed whenever you want, to push a promotion or timely temporary campaign.

Get more visibility for your business using relevant hashtags

If you still do not consider hashtags as a fundamental part when you are selling products on Instagram, it is time for you to think about it. Hashtags are extremely important when you want your product to be found on this social network. When as a business we use the appropriate ones for our company, we have the opportunity to be found as a brand, by those accounts that follow, use, or search for them. What should we consider?

  • Research which hashtags your competition is using and how you reach your target audience with them.
  • Don't put more than 5 or 10 per post.
  • Put those that are most interesting for your business or publication where you use them.

Build loyalty with your followers with content generated by the users themselves

Do you know that users are 4 times more likely to click on an article or ad when someone has previously trusted it? User-Generated Content (UGC) is a very powerful “weapon” to sell on Instagram. Not only does it help build trust, but it helps you empathize with those people who have become your brand's prescribers.

Sell through Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories help bring your brand closer to your customers. Your followers or users will be able to see them for 24 hours and that immediacy factor helps to increase the number of interactions, as it is a perishable publication that never loses its novel essence.

Use Instagram shopping and tag your products

Instagram shopping allows businesses to tag products and allows users to buy them from the app itself. It is a sales strategy that most businesses use today. Users do not have to exit the application at any time, thus improving their shopping experience.

Run paid campaigns on Instagram

Even when you have put all your efforts into growing your business on Instagram, it can often be a challenge for us to do it only organically. Running advertising campaigns on Instagram allows advertisers to reach their target audience more easily and directly. These campaigns can be done from Facebook's own Business Manager, and all you need is to have a company profile to start advertising your business. To know how to have a business account on Instagram, do not miss the following article: Why change your personal profile to a company profile on Instagram?

If you have an online store, using Instagram as a sales channel is a very good option. Selling on Instagram does not have to be complicated, but it does take a little time and practice to develop actions that help us build the identity of our brand. Following the points that we have mentioned, you will surely have no problem gaining visibility and achieving better results for your business.