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How to sell on Instagram: The definitive guide to increasing your eCommerce sales

Today Instagram has more than 1 billion active users around the world. It is, without a doubt, one of the best sales channels for any type of company. Thanks to Instagram Shopping, brands have the possibility to use their company Instagram account as a virtual showcase to expose their products and redirect their followers to their online store. For this reason, Instagram has become a great ally in the marketing strategy of any online business. From top brands to family stores, businesses around the world are already seeing results thanks to Instagram Shopping. So, today more than ever, selling on Instagram is necessary! Can we show you how?

Configure the Shopping option on Instagram

Accomplish the requirements

Make sure your business is in one of the supported markets and countries where the Instagram shopping feature is active.

  1. Your business must sell physical items and products. No services.
  2. Your company must comply with trade policies.
  3. Your Instagram account must be a business account. If you don't know how to create it, in this article we will tell you how to do it: How to create a store on Instagram and be successful
  4. Finally, you must have your Instagram account linked to that of Facebook.

At this point, we have to say that with Adtuo, all our clients can easily know if they have their Facebook account correctly linked to Instagram, and therefore they are prepared to sell on both social networks without problems and get the most out of them both.

Link your company profile with your Facebook catalog

You will need to integrate a product catalog on Facebook to be able to use Instagram Shopping. Facebook gives you the option of creating your own catalog within your fan page or company profile, which will function as a virtual showcase for your eCommerce. If you want to know how to set up a product catalog on Facebook, don't miss this article. This catalog can be synchronized within Instagram to easily sell all your items, thanks to Instagram Shopping.

  1. To do this, go to the catalog manager.
  2. Select "Create Catalog".
  3. Now we must select the type of catalog that best describes our business: e-commerce, travel, real estate, or automobiles.
  4. At this point, Facebook will ask you how you want to add your product inventory to the Facebook catalog.

4.1 You will have two options: upload the product information (manually or via a product feed URL) or by connecting to your e-commerce platform.

5. Now we will add the information about our products to the catalog. We can do it in several ways:

  • Add the products manually.
  • Use a Data Feed through a URL.
  • Connect through the Facebook pixel.

Note: With Adtuo you will be able to know if they have the Facebook pixel correctly installed and working correctly on their website. This is ideal to detect problems that may affect the operation of advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, as well as to be able to correctly measure the performance and the results achieved with them. If you use your catalog frequently, integration through the feed or the Facebook pixel may be an option for you.

If we select the data feed option, we will arrive at the next screen in which we will have to complete the following fields: 

6. Scheduling: Frequency with which we want the products in our catalog to be updated. 

Mini tip: It is important that we always have our catalog as up-to-date as possible. This will avoid us going through embarrassing situations, in which our customers want to buy an item that we no longer have in stock or that is temporarily out of stock. You can choose how often you want your catalog to be updated:

7. Data feed URL: We must include the link to our data feed. This is usually a URL that our store software provides us, and it usually ends in xml, rss or similar extensions. 

8. Username and password: In case we want to protect it.

9. Data feed name.

10. Currency.

Then we can start uploading our items to the catalog.

Register in the app

Once your Instagram account and your Facebook catalog are linked:

  1. Enter the Instagram app to activate the "buy" function.
  2. Next, we will click on: Configuration of our profile → Business → Buy on Instagram.
  3. Submit your account for the Instagram review process.
  4. Once your application is approved, you will receive a notification.
  5. Finally, go back to the configuration of your profile and click on buy, to complete the configuration, and start tagging products on Instagram.

Create your first publication under the purchase option

  1. Create a post as usual on Instagram, in which you include a photo in which a product from your store appears so that you can then tag it.
  2. Click on "tag products" to add a product uploaded to your catalog.
  3. You can include a maximum of 5 articles per post and up to 20 products in multi-image, carousel posts.

Using Instagram Shopping in the different types of posts

# 1- Publications in the feed

Up to 5 products can be tagged within Instagram posts. Once we have configured our Instagram Shopping, we can tag our products in the photos of our publications. Therefore, every time we post to our feed, we will create a new purchase opportunity for our followers.

# 2 - Shopping Carousel Posts on Instagram

Another great way to make your feed attractive and they want to buy your items is by tagging your products in a carousel post. With carousel posts, we can tag up to 20 products in a single post. Which makes it a quick and easy way to display a full range of products or create a showcase for our brand. Every time we tag products in a post, be it a single image or carousel type, that post will appear in our profile's own shopping feed! When our followers click on the shopping bag icon on our profile, they will be directed to all of our tagged products. Which will make it even easier for them to purchase within the application itself. Within Instagram Shopping, when our followers click on a product, the name of the product and its price will appear in the image. If the user is interested in the product that is labeled, they will click on the label. Which will redirect you to a product page within Instagram, where the name of the product, the price, and a brief description of it will appear. By clicking on the Buy button, the user will be directed to the brand's online store where the purchase process can be completed.

# 3 - Instagram stories with tagged products

By viewing our Stories on Instagram, our followers can click on a product tag, and get more information about it or make a purchase. Tagging products on Instagram Stories can be a more organic way to promote sales on this platform since it allows us to share the details of our products in a more subtle way.

# 4 - New Instagram AR filters with tagged products

Just when you think Instagram can't create anything else, they launch a new augmented reality shopping feature! This new feature allows consumers to digitally "try" products before purchasing. Which opens up a world of opportunities for retailers. Instagram is currently testing this functionality with select brands including Warby Parker, MAC Cosmetics, Ray-Ban, and NARS Cosmetics.

These brands will allow their Instagram users to test products before paying. And although this new functionality is in test mode, it shows how advanced the shopping experiences will be on Instagram in the near future.

Benefits of Instagram Shopping for eCommerce

Being able to transform your Instagram feed into an easy shopping experience for your followers is a sure way to increase your engagement with them and improve your online sales. We tell you the main ones below:


Instagram Shopping Posts Give Your Followers an Easier Way to Shop What's great about Shopping posts is that your followers can go from product inspiration to product information in just a few clicks. By sharing posts on our feed or on our stories, we are twice as likely to engage with our audience and provide them with an easier way to shop.

Note before continuing: This new functionality is currently in the testing phase in the United States, and closed for several major companies such as Nike, Burberry, and Zara. It is expected to arrive in Spain soon. As announced by Instagram, when we click to see a product from a brand's shopping post, we will see a new "Pay on Instagram" button on the product page. We can click to select from several options, such as the size or color of the item, and then continue with the payment. All without leaving Instagram! All we have to do is enter our name, email, billing information, and shipping address the first time we make the payment.

Before updating this option to "Pay on Instagram", users who were interested in an article or product, would arrive at a product description page after having clicked on its label. From there, they decided if they wanted to see the article on the website. This procedure directed them to an external page of the product, where they could make the purchase. Thanks to the "payment" function of Instagram, when we find a product that we like, we can buy it without leaving the application. Once we have completed our first order, our information will be saved for future purchases. In addition, we can receive notifications about the status of our shipment and its delivery, within Instagram.

New sales channel

Your Instagram Shopping posts act as a virtual showcase for your eCommerce. We can create Instagram Shopping posts on our Instagram profile or stories, and choose any image or video that we like as a shopping post. In Instagram Stories all we have to do is click on the tag icon and select the "product" tag. We can even customize the color of our sticker or sticker, before sharing our story.


Your Instagram shopping posts “hook” your most engaged audience. First, we are going to share our posts and stories with our followers, who already know our brand and are interested in it, and secondly, we go hand in hand with Instagram, a platform that users are used to. and it generates confidence in them, therefore buying through it will not raise too many doubts regarding security when buying your products.

Strategies to sell more with Instagram Shopping

Advertising on social networks is one of the best strategies we can use to get the most out of Instagram Shopping. One of the great benefits of Instagram Shopping is based on the fact that its advertising is not intrusive at all and also the fact that Instagram is a social network created for mobile phones, this means an increase in the possibilities of sale since for users it will be a lot easier and more intuitive. We tell you about the possibilities that Instagram offers you to advertise your products, Pay attention!

Advertising on your Instagram posts

You can advertise on your Instagram Shopping posts. Buyers who tap on these ads will go to a product description page on Instagram and can continue shopping on your website. With these ads, you can reach your target audience and expand your reach, by displaying products through the purchase format. Ads can be in several formats:

  • Ads in image format. They are ads with photos in a square or horizontal format. These types of publications have in the upper right margin, the indication that it is advertising, and at the bottom of the ad, there is a horizontal bar that acts as a button to link the user to an external landing page, with more information about the campaign, company or product that we are advertising.
  • Video format. Like you can do in photos, Instagram allows you to tag products in videos. Video ads on Instagram can last up to 60 seconds, and be accompanied by sound.
  • Sequence or carousel format. This format is similar to the previous ones but with the addition that it allows the user to scroll with the finger to view several images or videos.

It allows you to display up to ten images or videos in a single ad, each with its own product tag.

Advertising on Instagram Stories

More than 500 million people use Instagram stories every day. This type of ad is the perfect way to reach a new audience that doesn't know you yet. We can make ads in video, photo, or carousel format.

  • Video ads play for up to 15 seconds and can be created with Creative Hub, or from Facebook's own ad manager. You can also use any other external design tool like Canva, and then upload them to the Facebook Business Manager.
  • Photo. A single image ad will play for 5 seconds.
  • Carousel. It allows you to play up to 3 pieces of video and photo content, within a single ad.

Some tips to advertise on your Instagram stories:

  1. Experiment with videos within Instagram stories.

Videos attract 5 times more attention than still images. The first 3 seconds of your ad in this format should attract enough attention to hook your audience.

  1. Create clear and direct ads

Create a direct and impactful message that gets straight to the point. In this type of format, the visual content is the one that occupies most of the content on the screen without leaving much space for the text. Therefore, it is essential to convey your message directly and briefly.

  1. Brand visibility

The goal of creating advertising on Instagram Stories is to introduce more people to your brand and your products. So it won't make sense if people see your ad but don't know what brand it is. Make sure your brand logo is visible.

  1. Follow for your Instagram Stories ads, the same aesthetic as on your Instagram profile.

When it comes to designing Instagram Stories ads, it's very important to consider your brand. Make sure that your Instagram ads fit perfectly with the general aesthetic of your company profile on this platform.


With over 80% of Instagram users following a business account on this platform, Instagram Shopping offers an unparalleled opportunity for merchants and entrepreneurs to tag their products in their posts and simplify the entire buyer journey. Before you start tagging products on Instagram Shopping and start promoting your catalog or virtual storefront, it is important that you take these three considerations into account:

  • The quality of your publications is vital.

The whole process, from the photos of your product to the way it is described, is a fundamental part of the buyer. People make instant judgments based on their first impressions of our articles. So taking care of even the smallest detail is essential to motivate the buyer in their decision to buy.

  • Show the value of your product.

While there are endless ways to use Instagram Shopping to sell, perhaps the most compelling way to do it is to help potential customers imagine what life would be like with your product. Your Instagram content shouldn't just focus on describing the characteristics of your articles, but should also focus on the usefulness and benefit. In addition, brands, through their publications in image or video format, try to transmit their values ​​such as freedom, passion, happiness, luxury, daring, fun, etc. This humanizes brands and brings them even closer to potential buyers.

  • Make use of video content.

Show how to use your products through publications in video format. This will make people feel more attracted to them, learn to take advantage of it, or know how to use it. This type of content generates greater engagement for businesses than those that consist of a simple photo or a link. If, in addition, following these tips, you invest in advertising campaigns and promote your publications, with labeled products, you will reach a much wider audience. You already know, if what you are looking for is to publicize your business and improve your sales, it is clear that Instagram is one of the social networks that you should use for your eCommerce. Learning to sell through Instagram Shopping is key to being able to compete with other eCommerce, are you ready to start selling on Instagram? To carry out your advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram, Adtuo has a unique advertising solution, which makes advertisers on social networks save time, money and make the most of their investment. not getting the expected results, Adtuo is your tool. Don't waste any more time and invest wisely! If you want to have this guide always at hand, download it here: Guide on how to sell on Instagram.