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8 Mistakes in your Facebook Campaigns that you should avoid

It is common to think that anyone with a business account on Facebook can manage their campaigns on this social network easily and efficiently. This makes many of their advertisers who want to improve the results of their business and reach more potential customers, decide to launch Facebook Ads campaigns on their own, hoping to get results quickly. If you are one of those who invest in Facebook but far from taking advantage of it you are losing money, pay close attention to this article! Here we tell you the most common mistakes to avoid in your Facebook campaigns, which are undoubtedly causing you not to achieve the expected results.

Not having a clear business objective

Having a clear idea of the marketing objective we want to achieve will enable us to develop a correct digital marketing strategy and will determine the results we achieve with our ads, etc. But, with so many options that Facebook offers us, how can we be sure of choosing the right objective for our business? Considering our ultimate goal, we must think about what we want our Facebook users to do:

  • Discover our brand.
  • Visit our website.
  • Buy our products.
  • Get more potential customers (leads) for our business.
  • Get App installs.

Choosing the wrong campaign objective will result in poor or no results, inordinate advertising spend, and a negative ROI (Return on Investment).

How to set a proper business goal?

Differentiate between your main goal and your objectives

Keep in mind that our goal is the ultimate goal we want to achieve. An example of a goal could be: increase the turnover of our business, from today to twelve months ahead. In order to achieve this goal, we must set certain marketing objectives that will help us achieve this goal in one year. Example:

  • Build loyalty to 40% of new customers.
  • Increase the sales ticket by an average of $100

Create real goals

They must be specific, measurable, achievable and relevant to the goal we want to achieve.

Specify what your success indicators or KPIs are

With these indicators, we will be able to measure the success of our actions and strategies. Defining our KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) is easier, if we have previously established our marketing objectives.

Not knowing how to configure the structure of a Facebook campaign

Once we have our marketing objective clear, we move on to create a solid campaign structure, based on the action plan that we have created for our business. Do we know how many ad sets our advertising campaign will consist of? What audience segmentations will each of them have? How many ads are we going to create for each ad sets? If we create a well-defined campaign structure, we can see which targeting chosen and type of ad is most relevant to our target audience.

Not having the Facebook Pixel installed

If we have a website and we want to get a better return on our investment in advertising and improve our results, the Facebook pixel is essential to analyze and measure the effectiveness of our advertising. Having the pixel installed allows us to know what actions are carried out on our website, what type of advertisements our potential customers are most interested in, what kind of content attracts them the most, etc. With this code fragment that we can insert into the source code of our website, we can:

  • Create an audience with those users who visit our website, and carry out remarketing campaigns.
  • Create audiences similar to those who have carried out certain actions on our website (purchases, registrations, etc.)
  • Measure and analyze the results obtained.
  • Create a funnel or conversion funnel that helps us visualize our “customer journey”, and find problems or possible areas for improvement in the purchase process.

With the data that we collect when using this pixel, we can also create personalized and similar audiences, of those who have already had some interaction with our website. All this is explained more clearly, in the article: How to create an audience on Facebook and… succeed!

Not knowing how to segment properly

Knowing how to segment is vital to be successful with our Facebook ads. With more than 2.4 billion people currently using Facebook, it's very likely that our posts will get lost, amid so much content. For this reason today, there are more than 50 million business pages on Facebook and most use their advertising platform to reach the right audience. As a highlight, we can say that Facebook has developed a wide variety of features, which help its advertisers to segment their campaigns correctly. Some segmentation options that we found are:

  • Location
  • Demographic data
  • Interests
  • Behaviors

This is undoubtedly the most complicated part when launching an advertising campaign on this social network: choosing a good segmentation. Understanding who our target audience is and knowing all the details of it in depth, will make us refine much more when it comes to showing our ads only to the right people. Another of the most common mistakes in Facebook campaigns that new advertisers make is to segment their advertising towards an audience that is too wide, or on the contrary, too small.

If you have a local business, instead of wanting to reach millions of people nationwide, perhaps the smartest and most successful thing would be to reach a more realistic number of potential customers, who could be interested in your products and services and who could zoom in on him. Finally, as a recurring error in segmentation issues, we will say that not excluding in our advertising campaigns those clients who have already converted to our website will make us lose a lot of money. This is vital if we want to avoid wasting our budget and "boring" those who already know us. As can be seen, the subject of segmentation in Facebook campaigns is somewhat tricky and complicated for those who do not have much experience advertising on this social network.

Do not use ads in video format

Currently, more than 100 million hours of video are consumed by Facebook users daily. Facebook users are 1.5 times more likely to watch videos on their mobile phones than on the computer.

Therefore, not optimizing our Facebook campaigns with content in video format and with preference for delivery to mobile devices, is another very common mistake made by advertisers on this social network.

Your landing page is not related to the content of your ad

Facebook considers that the landing page that is not related to the content of our ad, can be considered as a clickbait. Clickbait is a term that comes from English, and that consists of manipulating the user in order to click on an article or publication, with the sole purpose of generating advertising revenue. By clicking on the link, users end up accessing content that they did not expect and that has nothing to do with the ad. Facebook does not approve the type of ad that contains links to landing pages, which can be considered as clickbait and this is another very frequent mistake made by Facebook advertisers.

Not doing A/B test

If we do not test our ads and do not perform A/B tests, we will always get mediocre results. The A/B tests are used to create various tests of the ads we have and change certain elements in them, in order to check which version of them works better. You can test the texts, the call to action of the ads, the images or videos that we add and all the other elements that are part of our ads.

Create boring ads

Images are the elements of an ad that attract the most attention, along with titles. Not thinking carefully about how to show what we want to advertise, how to express its value and how to convey its urgency, will cause our potential customers to overlook our advertisements without even having clicked on them.Tip: Take advantage of the title of your ads not just to talk about the product. Also use it to talk about the benefits and advantages it brings, of your value proposition. Also, make sure your images are impressive and attractive. Let them tell a story or convey an emotion.To learn more about how to create the perfect Facebook ad, don't miss our article: How to Create Facebook Ads Effectively in 2020.


To be successful with our Facebook Ads campaigns, researching our target audience and paying attention to the advertising objective that we are going to choose is essential. When we properly optimize a Facebook campaign, it can achieve incredible results and grow our business sales. In this article we have talked about the most common mistakes to avoid in your Facebook campaigns. If you follow our advice, you will be a little closer to success with your advertising on Facebook. If you want more information, do not miss our guide on how to advertise on Facebook Ads for SMEs, in which you will learn the keys to having successful advertising campaigns, getting more clients for your business and selling more.

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