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Phases and objectives to start advertising on Facebook

Have you ever stopped to think, what is the most appropriate marketing objective for your business when you create an advertising campaign on Facebook Ads? Many people run into this first hurdle when they start advertising on social media. Without knowing that all they need is to have a little time to understand how each objective works, throughout the purchase process that the future potential customer has to go through, until they decide to purchase a certain product or hire a service. We will tell you how each of them work and which one is the most appropriate, depending on the phase your business is in.

Phases and objectives of Facebook

Facebook divides your marketing advertising goals into 3 categories:

objetivos de marketign de la publicidad en facebook

Before continuing for all those who do not know, we will say that an advertising objective is the action that we want our users to take, when they see our ads on the Internet. Each Facebook advertising objective is intended to help the user take certain steps to complete the funnel or conversion funnel of our company.

How your business conversion funnel works

Before talking about campaigns, strategies and objectives, we have to talk about the steps that must be followed within any funnel or conversion funnel. This funnel is made up of 3 stages:

First stage: Top

Here, your future clients do not know your business. You must offer as much information about your products and services so that they know it.

Middle stage: Middle

At this stage, your customers know you better. They have discovered your business and are thinking if you are the best option, to acquire what they need.

Third stage: Bottom

It is the stage before the sale. Here we are going to find potential clients, who consider that our business can satisfy their needs.

Advertising phases and objectives on Facebook

Returning to the 3 categories in which Facebook encompasses its objectives, we find:

  • Recognition phase: It consists of those objectives that are in the first stage of the funnel (top). They are the ones that generate interest in our company, products and services.
  • Consideration phase: It consists of those objectives that are part of the intermediate process of our conversion funnel. These goals help us reach those people most interested in what we offer.
  • Conversion: These objectives should be used within our campaigns, when our users who are already convinced of wanting to register on our website, make a purchase, go to our physical store, etc.

Recognition phase

There are two main objectives: brand recognition and reach.

Brand Awareness

Use the brand awareness objective when you want to reach a large number of people who are more likely to be interested in your business. Users who are in this phase still do not want to follow your business on social networks, read what you publish, much less make a purchase on your website. But it is the first step to take with your campaigns, when you want them to begin to remember your brand and become familiar with your business.


The advertising campaigns that use this objective will be those that are aimed at ensuring that your ads are seen by as many people as possible.

Consideration phase

When you want your audience or potential future customers to do more than just visit your website, you must choose this goal. This phase is ideal for those businesses that have already gone through the recognition phase and have a minimal user community created. With the consideration phase, we will get our users to start looking for more information about our business. Here, we find the following objectives: Traffic, interaction, interactions with the app, video views, generation of leads and messages. Now, we take a closer look at them.


Use the traffic objective in your campaigns when you want to direct your potential customers to a page on or off Facebook. An example of this could be your website or a messenger conversation. Facebook will show your ads to those people, within your chosen targeting, with the best chance of clicking on your ad.


Use this goal when you want your users to interact more with your posts. By interactions we mean: sharing, "liking", commenting, etc.

Optimizing your advertising campaigns with this objective means that Facebook will deliver your ads to those people who are more likely to interact with them.

App interactions

Use this goal if you have an app and you want more users to be able to download it. With your advertisements, you will encourage them to go to your store or shop and download it.

Video views

Use this goal when you are promoting a video and you want more users to view it. This can be a great option to choose, if you are carrying out a video marketing strategy in your company and you want to give it a boost. However, not every time we want to promote a video we must choose this objective. For example, if you want to get more people to click on your video, then the best option is to choose a campaign with targeted traffic and within the ad formats, choose the video format to promote your content. Similarly, if we want more people to convert after viewing our video, we should choose the conversion goal and the video ad format for our campaigns.

Lead generation

We will use this objective, when we want to get more leads or potential clients on Facebook directly within the ad. That is, without directing traffic to our website. Ads for this purpose will allow us to capture data from our users such as their name, email address, telephone number, etc. This data will be completed automatically, in the forms that are attached in the campaign ads. This makes it really easy to leave the data to ask for information. An example of a form that can be included in Facebook ads is the following:


We will choose this objective when we want to get through Messenger, more messages from future potential clients, interested in our brand.

Conversion phase

This last phase is used in campaigns, when our users already know our business and are ready to register on our website or make a purchase. In it, we find the objectives of: Conversion, catalog sales and business traffic.


Use this objective when you want to generate valuable actions on your website. How can it be a registration or increase interactions with your app.

Catalog Sales

Use this objective if you have an eCommerce and would like to promote the items in your catalog. To do this, you need to have it integrated into Facebook. If you don't know how to do it, in this post we show you the steps: How to create your Facebook store easily

Business traffic

Use this objective in your campaigns, when you want more people who are close to your business to view your ads and are encouraged to visit your physical store.


Choosing the right advertising objective for our advertising campaigns in Facebook Ads may not be an easy task and we hope that after reading this article, you will have a little clearer where both your business and your customers are, and you can make a better choice. The goal for your ad campaign. Do not forget that in order to have a more exhaustive control of everything that happens with your advertising on Facebook and measure the errors and successes obtained, you must have the Facebook pixel installed on your website. In this article, we tell you how to have it in 3 minutes: Quick guide on how to install the Facebook pixel. If you want more information, do not miss our Guide on how to advertise on Facebook Ads for SMEs and freelancers, in which you will learn the keys to having successful advertising campaigns, getting more customers for your business and selling more.

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