Social Networks for companies. The keys to success.

Why is social media important for your company?

More and more freelancers and small entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of social networks to boost their business, help increase their portfolio of potential clients and improve the results of their business. Having a good understanding of how to get the most out of them may seem like a simple task at first glance. But in reality, you must have a good marketing strategy, in order to reach the desired target audience with your actions. We all know that companies must be wherever their target audience is. That is why probably by now, you have already created a profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, and that you publish content and interact with your followers regularly. But ... Have you ever wondered if your strategy is working? What are the keys to obtaining better results? How is it possible to get more clients through social networks? o What are the most important social networks for your users? Here are 7 essential keys to considerably improve your digital marketing strategies and turn your social networks into the main channel with which to get new customers and improve your sales.

Know your audience

Perhaps it can be a cliché and it is something that is heard very often, but too little is done. Knowing your audience, their interests, and needs will allow you to create a strategy adapted to them. Not all the products and services that we find through the internet are for everyone. Creating specific content will help your future followers to identify with your brand and start following you. It is also important that your way of communicating is consistent with the values ​​that your company offers and with what is expected of it. For example, writing for a young audience interested in Inter-rail travel is not the same as writing for followers of an insurance company. Buyer personas are the answer, as they give you the keys to getting to know your potential customers in depth. Buyer personas are a fictitious representation of our ideal clients. They are built from demographic data, behavior, interests, etc ... Developing your buyer personas means digging deeper into the interests, fears, needs, behaviors, etc. of our ideal audience. In the following article, you will be able to download a template and you will learn all the steps to be able to create buyer personas for your business: Having a clear idea about our audience allows us to choose the social channels we should be on and what content strategies to adopt. According to the III Report on Marketing in Spanish SMEs, prepared by the Prensa y Comunicación agency, 80% of the investment that small and medium-sized companies allocate to marketing goes to social networks. Once you are clear about who your target audience is, prioritize those social networks and channels in which they are.

Define your goals

Before you start, take a moment to think about what you want to achieve and how long you want to invest to achieve it (being realistic, of course). For example, some of the objectives that Spanish SMEs focus on the most are:

  • Increase the number of followers in each of the social networks linked to the business.
  • Attract more users to the company's website.
  • Manage to increase the number of new clients.
  • Improve sales.

Next, we are going to list a series of actions, which we believe can work to achieve these objectives. Get your creativity going and be original. Sometimes the craziest ideas work the best!

Increase the number of followers on your social networks

  • Add a "like" and "follow" button on your business website.
  • If we write as a guest on web portals other than ours, include the company's profile / social profiles in our biography.
  • Include in your emails, at the foot of the signature, both your website and your profile / social profiles.
  • Go from a personal profile to a fan page or company profile, and interact with other Facebook groups, where you think your target audience can be found.

Attract more users to the company's website

  • Create Facebook Ads campaigns aimed at increasing your web traffic.
  • Create PPC campaigns in Google Ads. Then you can run effective re-targeting campaigns.
  • Improve the SEO of your page, working on the organic keywords of your company by which your potential customers will find you.

Manage to increase the number of potential clients

  • Include subscription forms in your blog articles.
  • Create free resources that they can get by leaving their data.
  • Create lead capture campaigns on Facebook ads, which point to a landing page (landing page), prepared for this conversion.

Improve sales

  • Contact influencers who promote and give value to your products or services.
  • Create a sales conversion campaign on Facebook, if you want to increase sales in your e-commerce.
  • Activate Instagram Shopping.
  • Improve your company's customer service. You can use WhatsApp Business or Facebook Messenger, to be able to have fluid and constant communication with your clients.

Organize your content

Do you remember the actions that we had listed in the previous point? We are already clear about our objective, we know our audience and we have a list of possible actions to execute, for our marketing strategy in social networks. Now, we will take our list, and we will order each of the actions from highest to lowest impact, taking into account our objective and what we have learned from our audience. Once it is ordered, we will create a strategic calendar in which we will outline the actions to be carried out and when each of them will be launched. Depending on our audience, the dates and times of publication can be one more element for the success of our actions.

Update your content

When we define our goals, we may think about getting more customers, promoting our products, or selling more. If our publications always revolve around our products or services, it is likely that our followers will end up getting tired. Let's think about ways to capture the attention of the potential client, offering relevant content related to our sector. For example, we can post about:

  • Leading market trends related to our business.
  • Success stories that our company or satisfied customers have had.
  • Interviews with people related to the sector.
  • Related important events.
  • News of interest
  • etc.

It is important to be creative and original. Think how complicated it can be to achieve different results, if we always do the same thing, right? If our content is liked, our followers will share it and we can reach new people organically.

Interact with your followers

The greatest potential of social networks is that since it is a two-way channel, it gives us the ability to interact at all times with our followers and potential clients.

  • Create content that encourages users to comment or share.
  • Every time a user interacts with us, it is a new opportunity for them to get to know us.
  • Always respond to comments maintaining a correct tone and aligned with the values of your brand.

Measure and analyze

"We cannot improve what we do not measure and analyze." Social platforms often make tools available to their users to be able to measure and analyze user data and interactions with the Facebook page. On Facebook, we have Facebook Insights, with which we can see statistics for:

  • Know more about our target audience.
  • Analyze how our publications have worked independently, their reach, interactions, etc.
  • Detect which type of content you like the most and which one the least.

In short, to know if we are carrying out a successful marketing strategy.

Don't underestimate the power of advertising

With the changes in the Facebook algorithm that we have experienced in recent times, it is increasingly difficult to be able to reach a large number of potential customers with our publications in an organic way. With Facebook Ads, we can advertise with a great return with a low investment. Facebook Ads is the most powerful social media advertising tool on the market, due to its great potential when segmenting audiences. If you want to achieve effective advertising, you must have extensive knowledge about it. To learn more about your audiences and how to reach your target audience, don't miss the following article: Create the right audience for your Facebook campaigns: Similar and personalized audiences.


Now you have 7 keys to launching a social media marketing plan, which will help you achieve your business goals. Remember that it is vital that you analyze and measure the impact of your actions, in order to create the right content and therefore attract more customers. If you want more information, do not miss our Guide to Marketing in Social Networks for SMEs and freelancers, in which you will learn the keys to get the most out of social networks in your business, getting more customers, and gaining more visibility quickly And simple.