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Why advertise on Facebook? Top 10 reasons

Facebook has two billion active users per month, so if you ask us if advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to grow your business, our answer will be yes. Social networks should be part of the digital marketing strategy of any company. They are a key channel to share content and boost the engagement of your followers. But they serve much more, since by advertising in them you can reach a wider audience, often at a low cost. If this has seemed interesting to you, there is a particular advertising platform that we should not ignore: Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads is by far the most reliable place to run our social media campaigns. Facebook is especially popular with local and midsize advertisers in all industries, but not by accident. We tell you the top 10 reasons why advertising on Facebook is so fashionable and why we should do it too.

Why advertise on Facebook?

Advertising and Ads on Facebook are Affordable

Advertising on Facebook adapts to all types of pockets. We are the ones who set the budget from the beginning, and Facebook will stop showing our advertising ads once we have used up the entire budget allocated to our advertising campaign. Keep in mind that the higher our advertising investment, the greater reach we will get with our Facebook Ads campaigns.

Facebook ads work

According to a survey conducted by eMarketer, 96% of social media marketers consider Facebook to be the best social network to carry out advertising campaigns and have a good ROI (Return on Investment). This is generalized for both B2C (Business to Client) and B2B (Business to Business) businesses.

Your audience is on Facebook

The target audience we want to address not only has an account on Facebook but spends an average of more than 40 minutes a day, as a general rule, on the platform. More than 2.4 billion users have an account and 1.55 billion access it. platform every month. With this data, it is easy to think that our potential customers are in this social network and that we can find them through the great segmentation capacity that Facebook Ads offers us.

We can target specific users

Facebook has a lot of information about its users. We can benefit from this, targeting only those potential customers who are most likely to become our end customers. The platform allows us to specify criteria such as age, gender, location, position, industry, marital status, and interests, among others. We also have the option to filter by connections, (for example, friends of users who already like our Facebook page) and behavior, which includes recent purchases and life events. Another targeting option is to use Lookalike Audiences and Custom Audiences. These are made up of users similar to our current audience, which means there is no need to guess demographics if we don't have that information.

Facebook retargeting

Another way to reach the right users is by retargeting on Facebook. This allows us to target users who previously visited our website, used our mobile application, or left us their email addresses. As these users are already familiar with our business, they are more likely to download some premium content, contact us for more information, start a free trial, or end up making a purchase of our products or services.

Organic reach is limited

Although creating and posting regularly on our Facebook page is a good way to reach new people and your current customers, advertising helps you expand your reach and give your business more visibility. More and more content is generated on Facebook, which is a challenge for your publications to reach the people most relevant to you. If what you want is to maintain the interaction of your audience, reach new people and make your products or services known, advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways.

Facebook provides useful data and analytics

Facebook provides a series of statistics for you to track the performance of your ads. With these tools, you can understand the effectiveness of your ads and what type of content generates the best results. In addition to the data on impressions, reach, and frequency, and if we have the Facebook pixel installed, we can obtain information about the "likes" obtained, comments, click-through rates, reach obtained ... All these metrics are in real-time, allowing us to make changes as needed.

Custom call-to-action buttons

Most online advertising ads have a single call-to-action button that leads to a landing page or company website. This can be effective when users need more information before making a purchase decision. However, it tends to result in only a percentage of these users leaving their contact information. Instead of Facebook ads, we can send our users to our website, but we also have other options. The call-to-action buttons that we can find on the Facebook Ads platform include: Apply now, Book now, Contact us, Download, Register, and More information. All these buttons provide the user with a much more personalized response to the needs that she may have.

We can advertise on Audience Network, Messenger, and Instagram

When advertising on Facebook Ads, we also have the option of being able to show our advertising ads on other platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or the Audience Network.

Facebook Ads on Instagram

In order to show our advertising ads on this platform, we only need to have a fan page or business page created on Facebook, and a business profile on Instagram.

Facebook Ads on Messenger

To make communication more fluid, we can also integrate our advertisements into Facebook Messenger conversations. Facebook Ads will only allow us to advertise in the conversations of those users who have previously started a Messenger chat with us.

Facebook Ads on Audience Network

Audience Network is a Facebook advertising network that allows us to advertise outside of their social networks. Especially in applications and mobile websites. There are four formats: native navigation, occupying the full screen, as banners, or as ads inserted in videos.

Facebook allows ads in video format

Currently, most Facebook users prefer to consume content in video format than to read the content. This type of format is also available within the ad formats of Facebook advertising, and depending on its location we can choose between its different formats:

Native Ads

This format is the one that is used most of the time and is the most general. We can use it so that our ads appear in the news section of Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, etc. With a maximum of 240 minutes in length for Facebook and 120 seconds for Audience Network.

In-Stream ads

They are ads that appear while the user is watching the video they have chosen. The video ad should be a maximum of 15 seconds long. The in-Stream ads do not appear at least until the 60 seconds video when the viewer is already focused on what they are seeing.

Instagram Stories

This format allows our video ad to appear, while the user is on Instagram watching the stories of his friends. It should be up to 15 seconds long.

Once we are clear about the main reasons why our business should advertise on Facebook, we can better understand why advertising on Facebook Ads is so important for any business that needs to improve its brand recognition, get more customers or improve its sales profitably. Today this channel plays a fundamental role in any worthwhile digital marketing strategy. Both for everything it offers to companies and individuals, and for the results that can be achieved if the advertising campaigns are properly worked. Facebook has a fairly intuitive advertising platform, however, despite the fact that the process is simple, it is highly customizable, since we can choose from a wide variety of ad formats, delivery, and location options. It is also very important to create attractive ads on Facebook Ads that help you convert if you want to learn more about this, this article may interest you: How to create Facebook ads effectively in 2020 If you still do not feel comfortable creating and managing your own ads and campaigns, our advertising platform, can help you have effective and well-targeted ads aimed solely at achieving your proposed goals. Do you dare? If you want more information, do not miss our Guide on how to advertise on Facebook Ads for SMEs and freelancers, in which you will learn the keys to having successful advertising campaigns, getting more customers for your business, and selling more.