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Simplicity with the most advanced technology

Unify all your campaigns in one single tool

A complete dashboard for all advertising. Compare and understand key data easily.
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Google Ads

Create and Edit campaigns in seconds

Tired of the speed and performance of Ads Manager? Create campaigns with a few clicks, edit them and publish changes with a snap of your fingers.
Easily create complex campaign structures
Unlock hidden Facebook audiences
Edit ads visually (WYSIWYG)

Sophisticated & delicious reports

Customized templates with drag & drop composer, ready to download, send and schedule.
Create unlimited reports
Drag and drop builder
Dozens of metrics to choose from
Export to PDF
Libraries and editor

All your assets together

Create, upload, edit and manage your assets in one place. Save time and be more efficient.
Facebook media library
Ad library
Lead forms library
Built-in image editor
Millions of free stock images

“Adtuo’s interface makes working on Google Ads & Facebook Ads a breeze. It saves you a lot of time, as the tool immediately shows which campaigns perform well and which ones need more attention”

Jiaqi Pan, CEO at Landbot
Tom van den Heuvel,

“Easy, quick and profitable by getting all our campaign conversation in one place with top technology”

Jiaqi Pan, CEO at Landbot
Jiaqi Pan,

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